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The Late Grand Master McSweeny

The late GrandMaster John McSweeny is an inernationally known
martial arts master, a weapons expert, and a veteran of three branches
of U.S. Armed Forces. He served as a gunner in the Navy in World War II,
an Air Force security officer in the Far East during the Korean War,
and an Infantry Captain in the Army Reserve.

On February 26, 2002, the world lost another Great Master of the Martial
arts. Grandmaster John McSweeney passed away at his home in Florida. He was
74 years of age and active in the arts till his dying day. It is not time to
mourn him, but rather celebrate his life accomplishments. He was truly of the
warrior class.

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He often said in the midst of his lectures, "Today is a good day to die." He
was a man who was not afraid to live and not afraid to die. He meant we must
all live the warrior way: to take life and use it fully. His way was the
Kenpo Way. We shall miss him, but his teachings and his name will be talked
about for many years to come by all the thousands of people he taught and who
loved him. Because of his contributions to the arts, Kenpo will continue to
endure and spread to the world by the people he taught.