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Chinese Kenpo Association

Yonkers, N.Y.10704

Traditions Of The Chinese Kenpo School

Chinese Kenpo is a practical martial art in which there is a beginning,
but no end. This self defense system is adapted to the man and not the
man to the system
The dyanamic and unlimited inter-play of circle and straight line
movements are the essence of the system and signify the system's
Keep your mind open, take your body, and explore the entire fighting

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Sifu Anthony Fox and Sifu Barksdale meet the Father Of American Kenpo
Master Tony and Master Stuart meet Ed Parker at Greenwich Kenpo Karate school in Conn. 1986

  1. Your rank is earned. Tests for promotions come from your Sifu when he deems neccessary.
  2. All students of the Chinese Kenpo school are encouraged and expected to attend the annual Chinese New Years Dinner.
  3. Upon achievment of White Belt First Brown Tip Rank, Students recieve the Yin-Yang that is to be worn on the left shoulder of the uniform and also Kung-Fu sash for each color ranking